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checkout to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales


Heslo Pay

The checkout button that combines biometric security, convenience, and simplicity for a powerful 1-click checkout experience. Increase conversion rates, boost sales, and make it extremely easy for your customers to order.

Heslo was built for speed and security. Using true passwordless technology through Touch and Face ID along with single click ordering makes for a superior, frictionless, secure checkout.

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fido certified

Heslo Login

Using our FIDO-certified Digital Trust Server Heslo is the fast approach to add secure, FIDO-certified biometrics to a website, application, or service to ensure strong passwordless user authentication. Perfect for banks, universities, healthcare, and high-security institutions who need to onboard users quickly while establishing trust.

Heslo supports all FIDO authentication methods: FIDO Security Keys, biometrics, and the latest platform authenticators such as Windows Hello or TouchID and Face ID.

Supporting FIDO-based passwordless authentication methods on a website or app is complex and requires code to verify cryptographic keys and signatures as well as the WebAuthn attestation and the assertion ceremony.

With Heslo Login, we take care of all this complex code and infrastructure and allow easy integration using OpenID Connect in a just few lines of code.

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Heslo Authenticator app

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Secure authentication with fingerprint or face recognition in every browser, on any platform.

Heslo Authenticator App for iOS and Android enables biometric multi-factor authentication on websites with the user’s mobile device. Uncomplicated and always at hand.

Use with Heslo Pay to purchase from any store from any platform. Fast, Easy and Secure!

ID Verification

Mobile identity verification for your growing business. A seamless onboarding experience for your users is crucial to every online service. Heslo authenticator is a powerful and easy solution for Government Identity Document Verification, Biometric & Liveness Verification and Phone & Email Verification.
  • success Biometrics instead of passwords
  • success PSD2-compliant device binding
  • success Strong two-factor authentication with only a single biometric gesture
  • success Supports login and transaction flows


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